The problem with Shocklines is…

…not the Legion of nitwits. It’s not even the obsessive paranoia of Islam by some. No, the problem with Shocklines, in my view, is the owner, Matt Schwartz. I have no axe to grind with him on a personal level. Business wise he’s treated me well with my purchases from his perpetually closing store.

I came to SL later than most, about a year and a half ago. I was on briefly before I moved, lost my partner and had no internet access for a few months. When I got online again back in October of last year everything seemed somewhat okay. At that point I was blissfully unaware of the nitwits. Fast forward a bit and with Nikita, Phleabitten and Dagstine taking center stage things changed for the worse.

Comments were being snipped, threads were being locked and messages telling people to knock it off or be banned were sent. Here’s one Matt sent to me on 06/18/08 Titled, Knock it Off: Stop the baiting and looking for an argument (the “kindling” remark). Official warning.

Yet Nikita can call Bob Freeman a cocksucker in a thread and not get banned. I don’t know Mr. Freeman, have never sent an email, traded posts or had any interaction with him but he didn’t deserve the attacks by Nikita. Allowing Nikita to keep posting is a slap in the face to everyone he’s insulted. Matt’s action’s are a big Fuck You! to everyone who is a serious writer. When Philbin and Dungstain get caught in lies and someone calls them on bullshit, Matt cuts and locks.

In a post on the new Sheepnet blog, Matt wrote: “…of course it would be better if no one felt the need to set up blogs just for the purpose of making fun of other people. I often look at those blogs and wonder how grown adults can somehow manage to reduce themselves to the antics of particularly immature 12-year olds. But there’s certainly nothing MORE immature about this blog than of the blogs it’s making fun of.”

That alone makes it clear he either has not read the blogs or simply has the reading comprehension of La Femme Nikita.Β  If these blogs were simply to make fun of people, I’d feel the same way. But they’re not. As I’ve said on TRN and TODP they show new writers like myself, what not to do. Okay, granted it should be obvious by reading their works and posts what not to do; but when a topic like the Blue Phier fiasco comes
up it’s to the credit of TRN and others that they blog about it. If Matt had truly read these blogs he would see that what the nitwits are up to elsewhere stains the reputation (or what’s left) of his forum.

Why keep going there then? Good question. There are some who post on SL I enjoy talking with and it’s easier to do it there. Other than that I have no reason aside from watching the train wreck that is SL with Matt at the wheel.


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