Grind and Its Rewards

I’ve been pressed for time lately, due to some mandatory OT at work; having a wayward nephew crash with me until his umpteenth halfway house has a bed open, working on a poem for a collection, and precious time for Azeroth. I managed to spend a good portion of today playing, so I could get to 58-the minimum level to go to the Outlands. I hit 57 this morning; did some quests in silithus, and of course the daily Hallow’s Eve quests.  When I hit 142,000 or so of 159,000 exp needed to get to 58, I grinded my ass off. I was running over silithus killing everything in my sight.

For 90 minutes. Kill, loot, skin. I was so tired of killing and wandering, but I just had to get to the Outlands. When I finally dinged, I hearthed back to the inn, sold all my junk (making close to 10 gold just in loot) and began the trek to the Dark Portal.  I hopped a flight to Orgrimmar (over 8 minutes to get there), ran to the zepplin, to get to Stranglethorne Vale, and finally another flight to Stonard. Once in Stonard, I got on my trusty chicken mount and made my way to the dark portal. Earlier in the day I mapped it out, as it’s not easy to get to if you don’t know where you’re going, and finally made it there. 

Once out of the portal and in the Outlands, my breath was taken away. There are players who may take the beauty for granted, but it was new to me. I just stood there and looked around. all those kills, all that skinning, all the running was worthwhile.

Tomorrow I explore.


Blizzard’s response to the patch problem

Ever since the 3.0.2 patch for WoW was released on the 6th, there have been many, many issues regarding the servers, and glitches.  To rectify the problem somewhat, Blizzard issued this statement, taken from their wow forums.

Since the release of the latest patch, Echoes of Doom, we have gone through a series of optimizations in order to increase overall game performance. We’ve seen steady, stable populations and a flurry of activity and excitement during the Hallow’s End event and the latest rumblings of zombie attacks. It’s been an exciting time for us as we draw closer to the release of our second expansion, Wrath of the Lich King.

We’ve reached a point where we feel we can now accurately evaluate the events since the patch release. Though overall downtime has been minimal, players have experienced latency, inaccessible instances, and general frustrations. We are therefore announcing that we will be issuing compensation to accounts in all realms in the US, Oceanic, and Latin American regions. Accounts that are currently active and in good standing will be credited with an additional three days of game time.

We would like to thank you for your patience during this time and look forward to seeing you in game!

It Ends With a Whimper

As of noon yesterday, the plague is no more. Well, the zombies are gone, as are the infected crates, roaches, and people. The floating Necropolises are still there, ever a reminder that Arthas is approaching.

It was almost anticlimatic. Yet the fact, that Azeroth was turned upside down in five days, disrupting quests, AH sales, dailies, remains a memory of gaming I’ll never forget. IN spite of my own frustrations at times, I thought this was one of the best things to ever happen.

I’m looking forward to more, hopefully I’ll make it to 70 before then…

A Legend in His Own Mind

Well, it’s that time to pay a visit to the emotionally stunted, talent challenged, La Femme Nikita. He’s managed to post another blog entry from the depths of dial up, invoking his own importance, martyrdom, and ignorance.

Seems that when I get an article published or an editorial picked up, these bastards act likle the natives are restless with each comment. The constant misquoting of my blogs and you stealing my work repeatedly asshole is biting you repeatedly in the ass.

Well, I’m not sure what likle means, but can assume he means like. The fact this sentence still makes no sense, is by now, beside the point. The constant misquoting of his blogs, is a big Dagstine of a lie. Everyone who quotes you, does a simple cut and paste of a brief section, no misquoting. However, even this simply concept is lost on the mental midget.

The son of a bitch from Finland decided to harass my family via the mail system, and correct me of I am wrong isn’t that against the law?  Especially when there is no return address on the envelope.  I know how they got my grandmother’s name they were going on another website that was out there and I didn’t create this.   I am angry as hell they are stalking my family’s blog postings and all of that too especially when one admitted they’re going around stealing my posts from

Sending mail, with or without a return address is not a crime. Pretending to have talent, also is not a crime, but should be.

The obsession this fucker has is one of the most unhealthy and seems like he’s a serial killer waiting to happen.

Hmm, this from a creature who regularly sends death threats, fradulent paypal invoices, promises physical violence, promotes hate crimes, and  prints paranoid posts that have no basis in logic. Wanna see a serial killer in the making, look in the mirror NIkita. Though, being the chickenshit you are, maybe you’re too afraid to take anyone on, other than online.

Nikita’s sense of importance is amusing to no end. The fact he thinks having someothing posted on AC, somehow legitimizes him, or his writing, is delusional, to the point of insane. His power trips, of thinking he can ruin anyone’s career other than his own (if he had one that is), is grandiose thinking on his part. He can’t even get out of granny’s basement, let alone tie his own sleepsack.

In an effort to portray himself, as a misunderstood, picked on, martyr, he truly reveals himself for what he is, one of the true cyber trolls he loves to crow about.

The Plague of Arthas

Lollock of my guild, created this stunning piece. I take no credit for it at all. A beautiful take in my opinion.

The Plague of Arthas
– to the tune of The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel

Hello Arthas my old friend
I’ve come to battle you again
because a zombie softly creeping
ate my brains while I was sleeping
and the vision I saw while he ate my brain
still remains
Within the plague of Arthas

In restless dreams I shamble on
Narrow streets are strewn with bone,
neath the flag of the Argent Dawn,
my hunger for raw flesh is soon withdrawn
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of
A Holy L ight
That split the night
And cured the plague of Arthas.

And in the frozen light I saw
ten thousand Scourge and maybe more
Eyes were glowing without seeing
Scourge were shambling without stopping
People’s dying cries that others never hear
they run in fear
run from the plague of Arthas

Fools said he,you do not know
Without cure plague surely grows.
Learn the spells that I might teach you,
Take up arms that with might can hew.
But the dead by dozens did still rise,
And swore
allegience to Arthas

And the people bowed and prayed
To the Holy Light they made.
And the Light flashed out its warning,
In the vision it was forming.
And the Light said, the home of the Lich King
shall be found up in Northrend’s chill
Icecrown Citadel.
now heroes- end the plague of Arthas.

Why I WoW

It began innocently. I’d finished playing The Witcher, and was looking for a new game. Browsing through itunes for some new podcasts, I came across The Instance, a podcast devoted to World of Warcraft. I listened and loved the show. Scott Johnson and cohost Randy Deluxe are as enthusiastic a pair of hosts as you could imagine. It was infectious, really. I’d played the previous RTS warcraft games, and enjoyed them, but balked at spending 15 bucks a month for a game. I downloaded the 10 say trial, and got hooked. When Scott and Randy started talking about the AIE guild, I was intrigued, and checked it out.

It didn’t take long to join the guild, beome a regular on the forums, and immerse myself in the world of Azeroth. My Blood Elf Hunter, Kharisi, and his trusty Gorilla sidekick Bobo, travel the world, seeking gold and adventure.  In spite of being in the largest US guild, I rarely quest with anyone, have only done one instance, and listen in to the ventrilo chat more than I talk. The grinding for the next level can be tiring. The world so big, I never know where to go next. Once I hit level 30, I got my mount that made travelling much easier. Sure it’s a big chicken looking thing, but it’s faster than walking. Besides, my blood elf looks awesome on it.

For an hour or two every night, and more on the weekends, I lose myself in quests, the auction house, avoiding zombies, and traveling. I’ve met some great people through the guild, and know if I ever need help, someone is always willing to help me.

It’s not perfect, nothing is, but for all its flaws, I keep coming back, because I have fun. I don’t watch a lot of tv, and this is my entertainment, my stress reliever. And many times, guild chat, is my comic relief.

I enjoy my time there, and don’t regret a moment of it. There’s always something new to see, someplace to discover, and always, always, some zombies to kill.


It started with a crate in Booty Bay. A small wooden box, on the dock, as you wait for the boat to take you to your next destination. People who opened it, became infected. If they weren’t cured within 10 minutes, they became zombies. 

Infected roaches began showing up in Orgrimmar, Undercity, and Silvermoon. Kill one and you get infected. 

Now, the full scale invasion of Arthas and the scourge has begun in earnest. Necropolis’ in all the major cities have appeared (see pictures). Portals have opened up, unleashing the undead. Zombies are rampant. Bodies litter the ground by the hundreds. The Argent Dawn is healing; but the infection is becoming harder to cure. What happens next is anyone’s guess. 

Welcome to Warcraft, where Azeroth is being turned inside out. I’ll be there, fighting the scourge, what about you?