Round Two

Not only did I watch the VP debate tonight, I also moderated the live chat with regular mudflats regulars for about 2 and a half hours. At this point, the question isn’t who won, but does it matter?

With Obama leading in many of the battleground states, McCain pulling out of Michigan, and new drama over troopergate (A judge refused to toss out the lawsuit within the last hour) Palin could have pulled rabbits out of her ass and it wouldn’t change a thing. 

Yes, she did better than I expected. By that I mean she didn’t fall off the stage, hit her head on the microphone, or perform as horribly as her interview with Katie Couric. She didn’t however, perform well enough to sway undecided voters. Where Joe Biden came off as intelligent, knowledgable and gentlmanly-Sarah came off as superficial, a walking barbie doll that could only repeat talking points. Her game plan seemed to be say a lot of words nd hope some make sense. Kinda like Pacione’s writing. Yet as we all know Nikita’s writing never makes sense. 

And neither did a lot of what Palin said. She has mastered the wink and perky grin (and I swear if I see one more wink from her-she’s being sued for sexual harrassment) as well as the lie and smear tactics that grampa Mac taught her. She was style (barely) with no substance. However for all her snark regarding Biden talking about the past (re: Iraq, the economy, etc) she spent even more time talking about being governor and mayor. Seems it’s okay for her, but no one else. 

No, she made no major gaffes, yet there was nothing there. Like McCain in his debate, it was talking point after talking point. Biden, consistently gave out facts, actually answered the questions and at one point choked up when he talked about seeing his child lay in the hospital bed not knowing if he would live or not. His son I mean, not Biden himself. He displayed the wit, intelligence and passion that this country desperately needs. 

Biden won this debate, no question about that. The fact Palin held her own, as best she could, simply wasn’t enough to ressurect the McCain decline.


4 thoughts on “Round Two”

  1. Her game plan seemed to be say a lot of words nd hope some make sense. Kinda like Pacione’s writing. Yet as we all know Nikita’s writing never makes sense.

    I was wondering when someone besides me was gonna notice the resemblance…

  2. Crawford, that was the first thing that struck me when I first heard her. Substitute faggot for maverick, or any profanity for when she says McCain, and you’ll have a Nikita diatribe.

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