Dagstine On the Loose

Not one to have an original idea ever; Dagstine rips off other nitwits for pointless threads. The original post here, by ace nitwit dlatham: http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/7289.

And Dagstine’s follow-up is here: http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/7296?page=1.

The good part is his last sentence:

 P.S.: please give me attention now; or, a nickel for your thoughts.

Daggy, neither you, your thoughts, or writing are even worth a nickel.


4 thoughts on “Dagstine On the Loose”

  1. Your comment got stuck in my spam filter, Johaha, sorry about that. I did see that, and maybe he means his talent is as dead as Joey Ramone-seeing Joey passed away in 2001.

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