Upcoming Unemployment

I got into work today, and was immediately taken into my bosses office for a sit down. Seems that word went out Friday, that as of Jan. 15, our  call center offices here in Phoenix will be closing. In an effort to save money, everything will be consolidated into our Houston headquarters. No one, not even the bosses it seems, saw that coming. If I wanted to move to TX and keep my job, I could. But frankly, that’s not an option.

I’m sitting at my desk and wondering what the hell, to do next. I’ll update my resume on monster.com and start going through the want ads obviously; but if a company like mine, is now having problems, then the economic situation is a whole lot worse than anyone thought.


Happy Thanksgiving from 30+ years ago

As I was sitting here reflecting on things I’m grateful for, I got an email from someone I went to school with.

Elementary school. Yup, that’s not a typo, I said elementary school. That time of my life when my age was smaller than my shoe size. Nothing quite brings up memories than an email out of nowhere, and this was no exception. I was watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving day Parade, as I’ve done my entire life, thinking about some of the other things my family used to do. Rarely did we have Turkey day at home, it was usually at a relative’s or friend’s home. My grandmother’s mostly up until she passed in ’78 or ’79’; Pat and Jack’s (whose sone Chris was my first sexual experience) every couple of years. Chris and I were allowed to drink COld Duck with dinner. Probably why I haven’t liked red wine since; My Uncle Herbie, My Uncle Al, or my Aunt Eileen the other years.

Odd to think, they’ve all passed away now. Even Pat. Jack is alive, but has Alzheimer’s and Chris and his partner are living in the same house he grew up in. The paneling in the basement is the same as it was when I last visited in the late 80’s, according to Chris. There were many times we went to my godparent’s house, Muriel and Johnny O’Gorman. They too are deceased. 

I loved watching Laurel and Hardy’s Babes in Toyland, which I remember being shown on or around Thanksgiving time. The crisp multi colored leaves that crunched under foot. Brisk, verging on cold air, slapping at my skin. And the smells. I will forever remember the smells of turkey, pumpkin pie, stuffing and gravy, that wafted from whatever kitchen was consigned to do the cooking. the laughter, the drinking, the cigarette smoke. All of it I keep fondly, in that file of the past i like to check out every now and then.

when we were all younger, alive, and most of all together.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Dagstine’s Delusions of Grandeur

Well I admit it, I’ve all but ignored Sir Lawrenceof Disturbia for awhile, but that’s about to change. He’s been a busy boy this afternoon, posting all over Shocklines as if he were healthy, and not stricken with ear cancer, or epilepsy as he claims. By now we know the old ploy: If I post enough idiotic threads, people will notice me! And he’s certainly taking that to heart today.

For your amusement, he started a thread about whether the US will become a third world country http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/8283. I don’t think for a minute Larry has anything other than shit stirring in mind with a topic like this. Something for the nutjobs like dlatham and trentaylor to leech onto. He drops one interesting nugget (aside from his assertion he has epilepsy, apparently he no longer has cancer. Maybe his diseases morph depending on the season, who knows), and that’s is he got 1000 dollars for his “article” on Coney Island.

Now, even if he did get tapped to write an article on CI, 1000 bucks for his crap? Any paper or magazine that can spend that kind of money for an article can certainly afford with a name. Sorry Larry, in spite of your ever changing amount of credits, no one knows who you are. And the ones who do, know better than to have anything to do with you.

His next post, is this one, http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/8284 about the myspace mom case. If anyone else but Larry had mentioned this, it would actually mean something. Yet this is the guy who hid behind the VV alt, pretending to befriend only to throw said troll under a bus. He posted about watching Rusty’s house while sipping coffee, and has threatened everyone with e-lawyers. Yet, we’re supposed to feel that he actually thinks what the woman did was wrong? Sorry Larry the both of you were cut from the same mold.

ANd by the way, I received a real payment for my piece, not 1000 bucks, true, but I know I can spend what I earned because it’s real.

“He’s Like Dick Clark Without the Stroke.”

That was the line Scott Johnson uttered on the most recent extralife radio podcast, that prompted this blog entry. I’ve been a fan of his two podcasts, ExtraLife Radio and The Instance for a few months now. When I heard each show for the first time, last Spring, I went and looked for earlier shows.

I was shocked. At the time, The Instance was close to it’s 100th podcast, and ELR was airing its 150th show.  I’d stumbled on The Instance while looking for video game podcasts. I wasn’t playing Warcraft at the time (which is what the show is about), but downloaded it anyway and was blown away. Scott and Randy, with plenty of help from others, put together a show that is so infectious, fun and entertaining, you can’t help but smile. Their unbridled enthusiasm for the game led me to play it, and then join the AIE guild (which is made up mainly of instance listeners). 

I then found out about Scott’s other show  My ExtraLife, which is a geek’s delight. I say that, as a compliment, as I consider myself a geek as well. Topics ranging from movies, to tv, to video games, and everything in between, incuding columbian transients taking dumps on the highway.

Yup, it can be that kind of show. Sometimes, juvenile, but always with an air of innocence, Scott, Brian and O work so well off one another, its easy to see why not only ELR but The Instance both won podcast of the year awards from www.podcast.com. They’re both well deserved honors.

Then there is Scott’s website, www.myextralife.com. Her you’ll find links to his podcasts, his artwork, 3 times a week comic strip and a host of other goodies.

I heartily suggest you give one or both of these podcasts a listen, as I think you’ll enjoy them both. Even if you’ve never played a videogame in your life, the instance is still well worth listening to for entertainment.

How the Day Started

So tomorrow is turkey day, and one thing I can usually count on, aside from a turkey coma, is sunny skies, and nice weather.

This year, there’s been a change of plans, apparently. It’s raining as I write this, with heavier storms expected later today and on through tomorrow.  Phoenix, has rain on Thanksgiving, on the average of once every 12 years or so. This, I guess, is that year. Not that I’m complaining, as I like the deviation from the normal sunny, but not when I’m on my way to work. It was a bit of a mad dash to the Circle K for my morning cup of coffee (okay my second), and even from the boundaries of my apt complex I could see the flashing red and blue lights.

Gunfight at the Circle K corral, perhaps? Did someone eat one of their ancient hot dogs and not live to tell the tale?  A beer run gone wrong? Having worked at a Circle K many years ago, I empathize with the seeming endless amount of problems the clerks can have. I made my way over there, and heard this sentence, “Mice are coming out of my ass and drinking all the coffee!”

Well, my immediate instinct was to go inside and make sure those damn ass mice left some coffee for me. In fact, it’s safe to say that was my priority.  And, if there were any of those rectal rodents, imbibing, they were polite enough to leave plenty for my caffeine fix. As I got my coffee, paid for it, and left the store, the man who crapped mice, was being handcuffed and placed in the back of the patrol car. I have no idea idea what he was being arrested for, as I saw no evidence of mice, or anything else, so assume he had other warrants. Anyway, I dod notice there was a Starbuck’s cup in a holder in the police car, and I can only think he was glad he got his at SB’s.

Now to see what the rest of the day brings.

A Quiet Holiday

For the first time in a number of years, I’ll be alone for Thanksgiving. Normally my family all get together, but Mom is on a cruise to the Bahamas, my sister is in FL, and my nephews will be visiting my sister. So it’ll be just me and Detta, my trusty feline companion. I’ll be making my own feast, lest you think I’ll be turkey-less. I’ve ordered a precooked meal that serves 4-6 from my local market, and will be enjoying that.

I’ll watch the Macy’s parade as I have since I was a kid, eat too much and take a nice power nap. Once I wake up, I’ll put on some coffee, have some pumpkin pie and play WoW until my eyes bleed. I’ll do some writing, and be Thankful for everything in my life.

Even the Legion. (to be continued)