“You’ve started your literary career well; be pleased.”

So says, T.M. Wright after reading my poem, Childhood’s End. He was also kind enough to say, “I really like it–great imagery throughout and it ends beautifully.  Congratulations!”

This perhaps, is the greatest compliment I’ve ever received in my life. In spite of having positive reviews for some self produced plays in the early 90’s in Berkeley, this means the most. T.M. is a writer I’ve been reading since the early 80’s. His novels, Strange Seed and Manhattan Ghost Story, are two of my favorite books, and he’s always been one of my favorite writers. 

For a full roster of everyone involved I suggest you go over to the Death in Common myspace page. This is going to be a great collection, with Bran Stoker winners, and heavy hitters contributing some of the best horror poetry yet to be seen. http://www.myspace.com/deathincommon


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