Matt Gets Snippy

Philhasbeen, posted a thread on SL about accepting submissions for Chimera World-dealing with-hold onto your hats-the NWO. As no one was taking thebait about submissions he bumped it with more NWO prattle. This prompted me to respond, with one word: Yawn.

That was it, nothing snide, or rude. A simple word to express the fact his yammering on about the NWO is getting tiresome. It made it to page 2 status without any other comments, when Matt sends me the following message:

Make another post that’s just an insult (like Yawn) and I have to ban you. 

So I sent him a reply that said the following:

And what exactly was insulting about that? The fact Philbin consistently posts his NWO tripe IS boring. how long will keep you defending the likes of him Dagstine? Until they run off the few remaining serious pros on here? Seriously Matt, you do yourself and your board a disservice by bending over backwards to them. Meanwhile, they can make snarky comments to everyone else and get away with it.

That was sent just a few minutes ago, we’ll see how he responds.  I wish I had reread and edited my mistakes in that, but I don’t think Matt will even notice.


2 thoughts on “Matt Gets Snippy”

  1. He snipped a comment from me that I would not buy a magazine with a cover like the one Dagstine had posted. It was an honest reaction, not something intended to be belittling. Yet he allowed Philbin to scream about “cheap poser art” and such on a thread about Fireborn Law.

    He’s not myopic, Mike. He’s biased

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