Sunday is Funday too!

Well, that’s my excuse anyway for missing my Friday post. Today’s bit of entertainment is the website,, a website that specializes in-you guessed it-B movies! It certainly doesn’t have the catalog of Netflix or Amazon, but there are more than enough movies ranging from horror to kung fu to keep you entertained for hours on end. In the future I’ll be doing some reviews on movies I’ve watched from the site as well!


Tools of the Trade II: The Software

In my last post I talked about the hardware I use for my writing, and this time I’ll talk about the software I use, what I use it for, and the reason why I use it. I’ll also provide links to where you can download/purchase them as well. Please note: I’m an Android fan, and both my phone and tablet run it (though my phone runs an older version). I’m sure there are equal applications for iOS (the same ones in most cases) but I haven’t listed them as I try to avoid iTunes as much as possible.

Laptop Software

MS Office 2007: While there are many Office equivalents at a fraction of the price that MS charges, indeed a couple are free, none of them seem to be able to convert to a .doc format with all the formatting. There always seems to be something off when I use a word processor other than MS Word. There are also newer versions of Office as well, but I really prefer the 2007 version, and since it still works I don’t see the need to upgrade yet.

Google Drive: Because I’m so tied into the Google ecosystem at this point, it’s much easier for me to use Google Drive for any of my cloud storage needs. There are others that may offer more storage (dropbox being one) but it’s far easier to use Drive. It comes with 15 gigs of storage for free, and since I really only upload documents and some pics, that’s more than enough. There are versions available for Windows and Android.

Skype: My default go to for chatting and voice on my laptop. Since most people use this, it’s what I also use, though I would really love people to start migrating over to Hangouts on Google+. Much easier to use, less processor intensive, and also looks better.

Tablet and Phone

I’m putting tablet and phone together as all of these apps can be used on either, none of them are tablet/phone specific.

Office Suite Pro: While you can do some editing on Google Drive, it’s not something that I would suggest except for very minor work. Office Suite Pro is about as close as you can get to a full featured Word cruncher. You can save files in virtually every file type, and is compatible with all the standard cloud services. I like it because it’s fast, easy to use, has an attractive interface, and it just works. There’s a free version to try, and a full version will set you back $14.95

Whatsapp: While I do use Skype on my phone/tablet I really prefer Whatsapp. The only drawback is it has no video chat, but that’s fine with me. It’s fast, smooth, and uses contact information to add people to your chat list regardless of where in the world they are. The first year is free and then it’s .99 cents every year after that.

Tweetcaster Pro: For all your tweeting needs, you can’t beat Tweetcaster Pro. Sure there are others that look better, or have certain features, but everytime I try a different client (and I’ve tried all of them), I keep coming back to TWP. It’s quick, stable, and I can mute those I’m following who tweet nonsense too much. There’s an ad supported free version, as well as a paid version for 4.99

Tools of the Trade Part I: Hardware

Read through most writer’s blogs and you’ll invariably find posts about various aspects of the craft. The how to’s, they why’s, the wherefore’s are a dime a dozen (even I have some).What I haven’t seen however, are what tools writers use.  While the typewriter is all but extinct, I know writers who still use one-the same goes for a pad and paper. The overwhelming majority however use computers (either a desktop or laptop) and since most submission guidelines ask for an .rtf or .doc format, it makes sense. There are three tools I use for all aspects of my writing (and my burgeoning writing career).



The first is of course my laptop. I use an HP G62 running Windows 7.  This is where I do all my heavy lifting. I use MS Office 2007 for all my writing, editing, formatting and everything else related to the work in progress. I’ve had this particular laptop for about 2 and half years now and love it. It may not be fastest, or run the latest games, but for the software I use, it works very well. I did have the hard drive replaced about a year after getting it, but everyting was able to be saved before it had actually died.  I also use Skype, to talk with other writers, editors and publishers, Much more efficient that way and cuts down on the minutes I use on my phone.



The second tool, is relatively new to me, it’s the 7″ Nexus 7 tablet, which I got for Christmas. Prior to getting it, I never thought I would have much use for one. They seemed more like a toy than anything else. However now that I have one, it’s become the one thing I use more than anything else. Most of my web surfing, social media and postings are done from here. I can lay on the couch and send an email, read an ebook in the loo or play a game on the bus. There are several apps, including Skype again) that  I use for work as well. I can do some editing if I need to, or use a notepad app, jot down some ideas, or even write for short periods of time.  The ability to save to Google Drive and have access to all my files from anywhere is a boon for me. Gone are the days of having to bring a thumbdrive with files, or lugging my laptop around. All my work is in the cloud (and an external hard drive because, well I’m not stupid).  Could I survive without it? Sure I could, but it has certainly made my life much easier.



The final tool is my phone. 90% of what I use it for is social media, texting, and some limited web surfing. I have an Optimus Elite, and while it’s definitely at the very low end of smart phones, it does what I need it to. I get notifications for my emails, tweets, facebook, and my blog. It’s a great way to keep in touch with others, and I would be lost without this. I keep on my sales and and reviews from my phone, and while I could install Skype on it, my 3G connection is pretty poor, so I avoid that.

I mentioned some apps I use but not all. In the next part I’ll go over some of the essential apps I use, and think you’ll like them as well.

Kickstarter: A Rant


I’ve been online for a very long time, dating back to the bbs days in the mid ’80s. It started with The Rock Garden bbs and it’s blazing fast 1200bpm speed. I’ve also been a tech geek for just as long.  While I may not always have the latest toys, I know what they are and can talk about them with some knowledge (in fact I’m writing this on my Nexus 7 tablet).  As a writer I think it’s important to keep an eye on these things.  As tech changes so does the way we do things – if you don’t want to be left in the past’s dust that is.

I say all that as a way to segue into the topic of kickstarter – specifically as it relates to indie authors. I’m not picking on them because they’re self published, but most traditional publishers don’t go this route.

When originally started, kickstarter was a great tool, and a great way to get funding for projects that otherwise might not get funded. There have been a lot of successful and worthwhile projects that were produced.  And then the sharks, smelling the blood of the gullible, started circling. A feeding frenzy started and it seems to have only increased lately.  In the past day, I’ve seen two different pleas for donations for two different projects, but both pissed me off.

The first was for a website that would be publishing stories online, on a bimonthly basis. They say on the kickstarter page that authors will be paid pro rates – well anything leftover would go towards that is what they actually state. Where is most of the 4K they’re seeking going? Web hosting and design.  Yeah, I rolled my eyes at that as well.  A feeble minded sloth can create a damn good website for a fraction of that. And Web hosting? About as cheap a resource as you can find. Fortunately others see the problem with this as well, as it’s only raised $425 of the $4000 being asked for with 16 days left.

The second grab for your cash was from an indie author looking to finance his next self published opus.  He is asking for only $2000 for something he would have written whether kickstarter existed or not. He has 4 previous novels, all on amazon, but apparently hasn’t sold enough to fund a new book.

These are both ventures that would have been done regardless of outside financing. If you’re not willing to put the capital in, why should anyone else? It cheapens the Arts and gives the already maligned indies, a darker black eye.  Whether the Arts, or a business, if it can’t be made or succeed on its own, it definitely shouldn’t try to pick your pocket.

Love, Nikita Style


I appreciate your unrequited love for me. I know how you must yearn for me, to the exclusion of others. While strong women obviously frighten you, you seem to have no problem making your intentions know with me. Your love letter to me via email is a perfect example. You even titled the message, Go Molest A Goat.

You write: .  You started fucking with me by sending me penny payments via

Sweet, sweet boy, you were begging everyone for help, I was merely responding to your wishes. You should be grateful you got that much, as it’s far more than you’ll ever make from your writing.

and you wanted to harass the lead author on the 12th issue to get him to withdraw.

I’m not even sure who your lead victim was, let alone harass them. Being associated with you, is harassment enough.

Why does it bother you that I refuse to publish gays?

It doesn’t. Even your beliefs don’t bother me. What does is you being a raging asshole of untold proportions. Even the Westboro Baptist Church would find you repellent.

I turned into a 4theluv because of a family tragedy.

and you try to turn any tragedy into gain, so please don’t give us that lie.

       You fucked with me on Shocklines.

Those were fun times, weren’t they? Too bad you forgot your password, we could do it again.

You wanted my head

No one wants head from you, really. No one.

A lot in the mid-list mass market cocksucking party

You certainly are fixated on that, aren’t you? I guess that explains your obsession with me.

I said fuck you to them years ago.

And they’ve been silent ever since? Or have they gone on to bigger and better things, while you still can’t make one dime from LFP?

You are just pissed off because I refuse to publish a faggot.   When it comes to Lake Fossil Press, faggots need not apply.

Or anyone with self respect, talent, or a one functioning brain cell.

And then, my curly cue french fried love dumpling, you spent almost 1K words of professing your most intimate feelings. I hardly know what to make of it!

Look jackhole, I paid Ray Faraday Nelson $30.00 for his story.

A whole 30 dollars? Wow, LFP must really be raking the dough in! That’s how much a legend is worth to you? We should probably message him on FB and verify he did get paid, as we all know you don’t like to pay writers, let alone tell them you’re using their work.

I was a paying market from the very beginning. I offered payment to some of the writers of the first Tabloid Purposes, they actually refused payment.

And I was the King of Siam. Guess which one more people would believe? Let me get my crown.

I published three 4theluv anthologies so far.

So that means you weren’t a pay market from the beginning as you haven’t put anything out since your grandparents deaths. You said yourself, that’s what forced you into becoming a 4theluv market. You’re lying and making excuses again.

 One of the authors on the second namesake immortalized my old address after she read Apt. #2W.

Having your address on a restraining order is not being immortalized.

So you want to libel my company you faggot, I will fucking bury you.

I don’t want to do anything with your company, merely telling the truth. And as for burying me, I’m going to be cremated, but am sure my family will be glad to let you pick up the expense.

In the end (no pun intended), it just wouldn’t work out Nikita. You see, I have intelligence, wit and talent. And you’re…you.



Call for submissions

Definitely have to submit something for this! It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Cussedness Corner

Originally published on July 19, 2013


An anthology of the aberrant

Edited by Christine Morgan

To be published in 2014 by Daverana Enterprises

What we’re looking for:

Short fiction, poetry, or non-fiction written darkly! Send us the indescribable, the transgressive, the controversial, the surreal, the darkety-dark, the gothic-as-hell! Traditional horror, horror targets, and stuff that could have come right out of a horror writer’s nightmare, or a metal album! Send us your “nods” to the genre’s greats! Send us arachnid domiciles, apocalyptic weather systems, obfuscated oculars, ghostly periodicals, intentions of scandal-sheets, archives of nameless dreads!

Are you a woman? LGBT? A fan-fiction hack? Conservative? Christian? Fine by us; we welcome authors of all kinds because, here, it’s the story that counts! We’re far less concerned with subject matter (even erotica, or extreme stuff like self-cannibalism!) than we are with good writing, a sense of humor, the ability…

View original post 99 more words

Friday is Funday!


Not everything is profane writers around here. Every Friday I’m going to post something fun, whether it’s a game, movie, book or even a TV show. Something I like and that I think others will too.  Today is a game I’ve just started playing on my tablet,  Order and Chaos.

If you’re familiar with World of Warcraft,  then you know everything you need to about this game.  There have been many MMO’s released for Android and iOS but this is as close as you will probably ever get to a portable Wow.  It’s a good looking game (in spite of being 2 years old) with responsive controls. You have 5 races to choose from including the one pictured (a mendel).  As with every game of this type you have your choice of several jobs, warrior, archer, wizard etc. Leveling up and gearing your toon is done by quests,  dungeons or optional in app purchases.

If there is a downside, it’s the in app stuff.  When originally released, O&C had a monthly fee, but that was done away with last year in favor of the iap’s.  It doesn’t detract from the game play, but if I pay 6.99 I’m not expecting a store to deal with. Still this is a blast to play and well worth a look.