How To Be A Professional The Pacione Way!


In a response to something I posted on his blog, La Femme Nikita responded with this:

I am not a liar or a fraud. I just don’t publish the faggot nor will I read works from the faggot. I strongly make this suggestion, please refrain from trying to stop people from submitting to my anthologies. It is not professional.

The first thing to notice is his use of faggot twice. Nothing screams professional more than slurs about someone’s sexual orientation.  What else makes someone a professional according to Nickolaus Ablert Pacione? Let’s take a look at just a few things.

First, let’s establish that he’s been a “professional” for a very long time. I’ll go back to a blog entry I wrote on 12/3/08. That’s right, six years ago. That was when he talked about taking a shit on the grave of late writer Joe McGee, a man who in death still has more talent than Nikita ever will.  His response to myself and others in the comments, calling him on it reeks of…well, something.

Melany — I hope you have a miserable social life, well as a matter of fact you can’t hang onto a boyfriend longer than six months after you left me. And yes I am getting published in more places, just I haven’t finished writing new material to send off but should be finishing off I.O.W.A. That anti-abortion yarn that someone pirated the shit out of on
You really need to shut your mouth more often because you’re revealing too much of someone’s personal life. You’re just a coat-tail rider as much as this Scott faggot is. Your mother dying is the best day in my life. I wanted to throw a dance on her grave party. As you assholes attempted to do with my publishing company but you sadly failed to see that happen. I already been published a few times within the year but the print appearance is long overdue. Getting published on (link deleted) helped me a little bit.

And a little bit down he adds:

Nah I just got done pissing in your dead boyfriends urn.

Being a professional also entails being banned from several, websites and forums, not just once but over and over again (Goodreads three times and the yuku forums twice); having more blogs closed due to hate speech than I can count; consistently referring to women as bitches and cunts, threatening people with violence (in spite of running away like a little girl when confronted); challenging writers to fist fights-the list goes on ad infinitum.

And the last thing I’ll touch on is his new submission call. A true professional will put it up on Tumblr (because everywhere else doesn’t want his crap there), single space it in the tiniest font possible, and then not even put an email address to send a submission.

If all of that is professional, but warning people away from that behavior in a so-called publisher is unprofessional, I’ll be proud to be wear the mantlle of unprofessional any day.



  1. And since that post my social life is not only good, but even BETTER Than it was, and I’m going on 2 years with my boyfriend. While Nicky’s social life is non existent and no girl will date him more than one night before telling him to never call or email her again.

  2. Scott, check out the Statue. It’s Twilight Zone fan fiction. Be prepared to drink b/c there are lots of indescribables, but if they could be described it would be like Poe or Lovecraft, etc would have described. There’s even a sleepsack and plenty of bad grammar so as not to disappoint.

  3. Nicky, I wasn’t going to bring this up but you have left me no choice. I spoke with the museum curator and even printed a quote from him where he denied calling you an updated version of Edgar Allen Poe. Contrary to that fake news release you gave, your work ended up in their museum because it did not cut the mustard to get carried in their gift shop. You know this. They take all kinds of donations, as long as they are Poe- related. They are not waiting for your sequel. If they asked it was to make idle chit-chat. You were there all day and they felt sorry for you as you needed a sale

    • The are authorized to purchase books for their study library which is not on the museum tour. Did you even look to see what other authors were there? They were very kind to you and kind to let you carry on with this, but this is where it stops.

      The curator and museum staff are well-respected. Mention the museum one more time, in terms other than you donated a book and they bought a few – and you felt the need to go all the way out there for some unknown reason. They did not have a book signing for you, as you also falsely claimed.

      Mention the museum one more time to give any false account other than the above, and that’s where it ends. The books will be yanked out and donated, and that will put an end to it. Don’t believe me? Just watch me. All it takes is a link to your rants to get them removed.

      Pay very careful attention Nick. One more time falsely claiming events or interpretations of your work that did not occur- and your books are gone. Believe it.

  4. I already spoke with the curator, and he denied the quotes in the article Nicky’s been posting around Google+, as well as calling him the “updated version of Edgar Allen Poe” which you posted on your blog. The museum also never asked Nicky to speak there which is in the article. Only the 1 book is accessioned into the library- the Unknown Horrors one (b/c it had Poe’s story in it not b/c it “cut the muster” as the article falsely attributed to the curator). The rest of the ones he brought , including his memoir, well you can leave it up to your imagination what was done with those or where they are.

    You have to wonder if Nicky just didn’t write this press release himself, and someone just printed it without verifying the quotes. That’s how Nicky goes about repaying people are who nice to him.

    Nicky just couldn’t let it go. Tomorrow I’m sending Brian Keene’s The Conqueror Worms to them as a donation for their library (before it had the title Earthworm Gods). They take works that have the names of Poe titles or inspired by them. Nicky would know this if he looked at the rest of the books there. I’m sure people would greatly enjoy that one. I’m sure they would LOVE to have someone like Brian Keene speak on horror there sometime if his schedule allowed him time. I’ll be sure to suggest they invite him when I send the book.

    I hear there is a gay Poe fanfiction anthology out there. They might enjoy that too. It could go right next to Nicky’s anthology of mostly public domain stories.

    Time to give that “credit” up Nicky. It’s been debunked.

  5. Nicky Nicky nicky

    Just for your information. Part of being a professional editor is being a “grammar nazi”. It’s the most important thing to be able to do after selecting good stories – making sure that they’re grammatically correct.

    Nothing will turn even a semi-intelligent reader off faster than bad grammar and typo riddled prose.

    You also need a clear grasp of syntax and reading comprehension.

    I wonder if you realise that this quote from you on your blog

    “I appeared on Clive Barker’s website when I turned 24 after the fat fuck I dumped a load of cum into was forcing his work and Poppy Z. Brite’s work down my throat”

    has only one meaning – that meaning being that you dumped a load of cum into a fat man who was forcing Poppy Z Brite’s work down your throat.

    If you were capable of being a professional editor, you would know that without being told.

  6. Nicky says that he only harrassed and insulted four women, but he’s lying. He did it to me also and several others. How about Kalisti? How about her friends? You insulted Kelly Goldberg and Angeline Hawkes. You insulted every woman who posted on my blogs. The evidence is still out there.

  7. Oh and newsflash Nick – didn’t you wonder why your book wasn’t on the museum shelf? Didn’t you find that odd? It was on the table, b/c it wasn’t cataloged into the library.

    Of course they took you there first. What else where they supposed to do with you? They didn’t invite you there to be around the public.

    You pester people so much they have to pay you hoping you will behave.

  8. ‘I am not insulting everyone’s intelligence, you just don’t “get it”’

    And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the clarion call of the wannabe, the hack, the faker who claims to be a writer but consistently fails at it for refusing to learn thing one about the craft.

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