NJHorror and the Backstabber

Two faced, back stabbing piece of shit, to be exact.  Me, to be specific. NJHorror has never been the most stable of posters, however his actions over the past day or two have truly elevated him to unblanced loon status. It never fails, when he’s taken to task for his ignorance on politics, he resorts […]

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End of an Error…

…and the start of correcting those errors.  President Obama, having taken the oath of office minutes ago, begins the herculean task of giving this country an enema. Flushing out the policies, wars and programs that have plugged up this country to the point we’re about to explode.   In doing so we wave goodbye to […]

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Of Trolls and Nitwits

Politics, in some people, can bring out their worst behavior. In others, it simply magnifies their idiocy. Two case files on this. The first is the magnification effect.  I’ve mentioned TrenTaylor in passing for some posts he and dlatham made, which marked them as racist, and good old Trent is back, with more nitwittery up […]

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