More Fun With Shocklines.

Matt, proving once more what a dipshit he is, has locked the thread started by Dimstain about Nikita’s “health”. Of course he let Nikita have the last word. At least wwe don’t have to wade through more posts of sympathy for the wretch that is Nikita-though new annoyance Damastes has to put her two cents […]

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La Femme Nikita Stands His Ground

Never one to let psychosomatic diseases like his phantom Bell’s Palsy keep him down, Nikita has been active once again, and still repeating the same things he’s been spewing forever. Rusty has done another smashing job of dissecting his incoherent babble, so I’ll cut to the chase and focus on a few things.  I am […]

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Dagstine’s Delusions

In another futile effort to claim attention and somehow seem relevant, Sir Larry has posted a question on SL which once again proves, when it comes to writing, to being a writer he completely misses the point. Daggy asks here,, whether we write for immortality or money. It’s been my experience that anyone who writes […]

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Larry the Thief – Update

Proving once again that any attention is better than none at all, Dagstine manages to hijack another thread and make it about him. In a quite innocuous thread, S.D. Hintz talked about your first job as a teenager. Innocent enough, right? Then along comes Larry the Thief who says, The tips back then ranged from […]

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Larry the Loser

Lorenzo the limpwristed, loser is at it again on SL, with thinly veiled threats against someone, most likely Janrae. I’m so tired of the chickenshits like Larry. They have a huge chip on their shoulder, all because they’re douchebags. They spend time plotting revenge, nursing grudges and living a life of bitter jealousy. To compensate […]

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