Talkbacker Articles

Here are links to all the major articles I’ve written for I haven’t included the caption contests or news articles as those are far too numerous. These are the longer pieces. I’ve categorized them somewhat based on what they are.  As I continue to write more, I’ll be sure to update the page as well.  (work in progress links to follow later this evening


John Waters

John Waters Intro

Pink Flamingos

Female Trouble

Desperate Living



Serial Mom


Cecil B. Demented



Cinema Verigay

Boys in the Band


Boys Behind Bars



T.M. Wright

Eric Red

Wade Radford (at bottom of review)

Adam C. Thomas


Movie  Reviews

The Shining

The Best Years of Our Lives

Star Wars

American Pop




The Girl Next Door

Carrie (2013)

Fade to Black

Die! Die! My Darling

The Screaming Skull


The Fourth Man

Midnight Meat Train

Rare Exports




Doctor Sleep Book Review

Veins and Skulls Art Book Review

Doctor Who: Legacy Game Review

A Feast of Consequences Music Review


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