Buy My Books (please?)

One of the problems with having multiple sites that have your work on sale is letting everyone know where it’s available. Hopefully this will help out.


Amazon: (paperback $5.99)

Amazon: (ebook $2.99)

Barnes & Noble




Amazon: (ebook .99 cents)

Barnes & Noble






2 thoughts on “Buy My Books (please?)”

  1. 1.) I don’t support AIDS carrying faggots
    2.) Your friend plagiarized my work (Robert L. Baupader)
    3.) Brian Keene went after my XXX-XX-XXX

    Care to be silent about that one or do you want to stand trial for him on charges of ID theft. Excuse me while I make fun of Kody Boye some more about lusting after strange flesh.

  2. XXX-XX-XXXX? What is that, your waist size now dumpling? Lay off the chocolate milk-goes straight to the hips and you’re not getting any younger that you can afford to be a welfare taking fat turd.

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